Daisy Hale



Gjemeni, articulated Gemini, is another furniture-on-request benefit from organizer Sean Pathiratne. The organization offers emphatically tech-forward furniture that arrives in a solitary box and can be amassed by anybody in no time flat. Pathiratne sees his organization as a chic and deft furniture organization that conveys trendy stuff to your front room in the vein …

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HP Chromebook x2

HP’s new Chromebook x2 costs $599.99. The material is aluminum rather than plastic, with the same posh faux-ceramic finish as HP’s Spectre 13. It’s a 2-in-1 the first Chromebook to be a detachable rather than a convertible instead of a conventional clamshell. HP Chromebook x2 is much lighter and handier in tablet mode. You can …

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