Computer: Review on Razer Blade

Computer: Review on Razer Blade (2018)

A larger screen, smaller bezels, and bigger touchpad — the Good Great overall redesign. Enough for almost any laptop gamer that includes either a Nvidia 1060 or 1070 GPU. Display option of 144Hz. If it’s your thing, it comes Cool keyboard lights. Read more about gamings by clicking here

The Downside: considering Nvidia 1060 laptops can be found for under $1,000 it is achingly expensive. Not yet available for the 4K touchscreen option.

With better hardware and a bigger screen, but you’ll need a bigger budget for it for the redesigned Razer Blade as it moves the bar on slim gaming laptops.

As a gaming machine, there are really only two features on the new Razer Blade laptop that deserted its origins: With each key capable of displaying more than 1 million colors across several patterns, the keyboard still lights up. On the back of the lid, you’ll see there’s a glowing intertwined snake logo.

Computer: Review on Razer Blade (2018)

You can turn the keyboard backlight off, or set it to a mellow single color to further guise as a non-gamer. It can likewise be turned off for the backlit glowing snake logo. But at least it’s not going to glow although it’s still there, and green.

With swirling or swooping patterns in a rainbow of colors, you can opt to embrace your inner gamer and crank the keyboard lights up to full thermonuclear blast. The Hyperflux mousepad or the Chroma stand, all of which can be synchronized together in one glorious light show is to take it another step and add Razer accessories.

If this isn’t a great gaming laptop, none of that matters. Calling itself the Razer Blade, this new version takes some pretty big leaps past the previous gaming laptop. For its subtle design, multi-color backlit keyboard and general gaming chops, we’ve always really liked the previous 14-inch Blade. It had a thick bezel that seems a little outdated, and the GPU topped out at a Nvidia GTX 1060 good for mainstream gaming, but not completely top-of-the-line as for the display.

The 14-inch display in the Blade gets an upgrade to a 15-inch screen while keeping roughly the same footprint is featured on the new version of Razer flagship laptop. World’s smallest 15.6-inch gaming laptop according to Razer. An option is a 4K 60Hz screen but it’s not available yet.  

An eighth-gen Core i7-8750H and your choice of Nvidia 1060 or 1070 GPUs are the updates of the components inside. It has a vapor chamber for cooling, which is a kind of sealed liquid-cooling heat pipe to keep things cool.