Top 5 Websites that Offer Free Online Computer Courses and Tutorials

Top 5 Websites that Offer Free Online Computer Courses and Tutorials

With technology slowly taking over the world today, more and more people opt for computer courses in their pursuit of a life-long career. Gone are the days when people need to shell out megabucks just to complete a month of classes. It doesn’t matter if you’re someone who wants to brush up on your skills or learn more advanced skills.

There’s a few of websites you can find online that offer free learning courses. In fact, they may even offer valuable resources such as online tutorials and handouts. This is great news for students who want to practice their skills anytime and anywhere. The usability and accessibility of resources that these courses offer often compel students to progress from the basics to the more advanced courses such as coding and programming. If you’re interested in knowing more about the top websites that offer free online computer courses and tutorials, take a look at this list:


This website is a treasure trove of both basic and advanced courses. Their classes range from learning Microsoft Office, emailing, and internet browsing. Interested students can also learn advanced skills which include editing pictures and social media marketing. Whether you’re a Windows, Mac or a Linux fan, you’ll think that GCFLearnFree is a great learning platform, and if you want to learn some SEO skills Boca Raton SEO is the best company in Boca Raton from where you can gain first-hand knowledge about SEO.

Top 5 Websites that Offer Free Online Computer Courses and Tutorials

Home and Learn

The programs that Home and Learn provide are primarily aimed at beginners. In fact, those who have very little or no experience with computers will find this website extremely helpful. To give you an idea, their basic classes cover a wide variety of topics including Windows 10, Windows 7, and Windows XP. Furthermore, students can also learn about Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and Java. They even have the option to study website designing.


EdX is an online learning platform spearheaded by Harvard University. It offers hundreds of courses in different fields, including computer science, that allows students to learn at their own pace. While many of their programs are paid courses, they also offer courses that are free of charge unless you’ll need a certificate of completion as proof of your gained here to read more about EdX


Did you know that a wide selection of online platforms is made available to technology enthusiasts who wish to further enhance their skills? Coursera is one of those platforms. It offers various specialization courses that are focused on topics ranging from the most basic to the most advanced algorithms. Although many of their programs require payment, you can still find a lot of free programs that you can take advantage of. It’s also important to note that Coursera’s courses are time-bound because they have specific start and end dates. This means that you won’t be able to take their courses unless you follow their schedules. is one of the most useful and helpful websites for coding. Leveraged by millions of participants, offers interested learners access to a wide variety of online classes ranging from simple coding to game development. They also have how-to guides that students can utilize for making edu backlinks, as well as several lectures led by some of the most prominent programming gurus in the industry. Furthermore, is a non-profit initiative that is dedicated to giving students free computer classes. It’s supported by a wide variety of donors including Facebook, Amazon, Google, and many more. Its ultimate goal is to allow every student to learn computer science and make it a part of the K-12 curriculum.